Von der Aikikai Foundation anerkannter Fachverband für Aikido

Great Aikido Seminar with Shihan Ulf Evenås

Great high-level instructor seminar with guests from Sweden, Russia, Danmark and Ukraine.

On the weekend of 27./28.4. 2019 the instructor seminar of the TAVD took place in Dortmund.

The aim of the seminar was to debate about the question:

What does it mean to preserve the heritage of Saito Sensei? And: What are the priciples of Aikido?

Ulf Evenås, longtime student of Saito Sensei, mediated this in theory and practice. An important topic was the flow of energy in Kihon Waza. A much-voiced critique to the Takemusu Aikido style is that one would only work from a standing position.

A deeper study of this question, however, reveals that in Kihon Waza the mastering of energy is learned, which is then expressed in an exquisite and clear Ki No Nagare.

For some Aikidoka, this seminar has opened a new Aikido world.

Christian Taschner got his Go Dan Diploma and Daryna Syt was successfully testet for Sho Dan.